Bella WhiteI will forever be grateful the day I met Ivan, it was a turning point in life. Not only did he help me break free from near poverty situation, he taught me how to market my knowledge and creativity in a lucrative way. His passion, his skill and knowledge are extremely prolific, many thanks to him I make money from the comfort of my bedroom. He’s a real genius and I admire his professionalism too; very friendly, courteous and willing to help. He wouldn’t make you feel like an idiot at all. I can’t just wait to lay my hands on his new book!

I’m Really A Big Fan Of His,
Bella White

Therin JonstonIvan is highly knowledgeable and is passionate about what he does. Because of his dedication and passion, he has become an expert in his field which he now shares with others. I really like his no-nonsense approach. It’s not based on theory and hype, but proven strategies that can be helpful to anyone to create more success. Ivan is a brilliant speaker and teacher who is helping a lot of people realize their own potential. He teaches you how to turn what you know into a valuable and lucrative resource. His own expertise in marketing can be helpful to anyone. The guy really knows his stuff and has been featured in major newspapers. If you ever get a chance to see him at a speaking engagement, by all means go check him out. I’m looking forward to reading his book and learning more about his strategies for success!

You Will Be Glad You Did,
Therin Jonston

Shanon Mills

Ivan is an expert in building and making money from you online business. Learning from Ivan has helped me build an online business using what skills I have and it has become very successful. Ivan really knows what he is talking about and with his help I learned how to reach my target audience and market a product they will actually buy. I am now making a substantial online income that allows me to be a stay at home mom. I will forever be grateful to Ivan for teaching me these invaluable skills. Without his knowledge and expertise I would not have been able to make my dreams of having a successful online business come true.

Thanks For The Help,
Shanon Mills

Ricky Dawn

Before I started following Ivan I had spent countless hours and a lot of money on ‘online money making strategies’ that never seemed to pay off, in fact before I started following Ivan I never made a dime online. However, that’s changed now and I am currently making a decent living from my very own successful online business – and I honestly believe I would never have got to the point I am at now without Ivan’s guidance and I cannot thank him enough, his passion and knowledge of this market is incredible. If you’re looking to make money online, you would be a fool to turn down Ivan’s proven strategies…

Get In While You Can,
Ricky Dawn

Ivan’s online expertise and knowledge shows you how to profit online and create a successful business. Ivan is a brilliant speaker and teacher who helps people achieve online success. His expert strategies has helped me dramatically booster my online business and increase my revenue stream. Dot Com Profits is a great book that touches upon all the necessary elements you need to create a successful and profitable online business.

Very Much Appreciated,
Jimmy Kung

Amanda CampbellWorking with Ivan has changed my life. I am one of the lucky ones who have had the honour of Ivan helping them develop their online business. Ivan is simply one of the smartest people I have met. I could have never been where I am today without his help and wisdom. My kids and I now live very comfortably while I get to work from home with my very own online business.

Thanks Again,
Amanda Campbell

James HoustonI’ve been following Ivan for over a year, he has an exceptional insight in Internet marketing. His strategies, advice and blueprints have allowed me to create a very successful online business. He has taught me the right way to build up my online profile by implementing the right expert strategies. How to properly monetize and optimize my sites to bring in people and have those people become customers and purchase the products that I offer. I’ve truly learned a lot from him and can’t wait to read his new book !

Keep Up The Good Work,
James Houston

Mary Jane ThompsonIt is most definitely apparent that Ivan has a passion to help people learn how to make a substantial amount of money, online. I enjoyed his hard core approach, with proven strategies, to become a more successful online business person. He truly teaches you how to have a profitable online business. I definitely recommend that anyone who has the desire to become a success online, follow Ivan. I can’t wait to read his new book, so that I can make even more money online.

Thanks Ivan,
Mary Jane Thompson

David RustleIf you want a sustainable online business you need to stand out. Ivan knows how to get attention. With years of business experience Ivan helps with issues ranging from setting up your first online store, how to optimize your landing page, and defining your sales funnel. I’m looking forward to grabbing his new book!

Thanks for the guidance,
David Rustle

Janet RossiThe best thing about Ivan is that his expertise and knowledge is applicable to anyone with a passion. His vision and in depth comprehension of market, publishing and reaching out to your desired audience means you can achieve a remarkable income from writing about whatever your passion is, whether that is fishing or creating a website. Ivan Ho gave me the insight into creating a profitable business from my passion. The way he explains different concepts and strategies was very easy to understand and straightforward and will allow anybody to easily apply his methods.

I Highly Recommend,
Janet Rossi

Bill WilkerNot only is Ivan an expert in the online money making world. He is truly a person with character. He has helped me in many ways and guided me into a successful life. He is hardworking and dedicated to what he does. He has helped me become a better provider for my family and his suggestions dramatically changed my life.

Thanks So Much,
Bill Wilker